Like I said in my last blog, I somehow managed to win tickets to San Diego Comic Con. It was my first time going and even though I only had 1 day passes it was still a pretty freakin’ cool experience. I gave my spare ticket to one of my coworkers cause I kinda pissed her off. Anyway we had saw a lot of cool stuff and a lot of cool people and had a lot of fun. Also since it was my first time at Comic Con I made sure to bring a camera and take a crapton of pictures.

Check em’ out.


Here is some of the signage I saw outside the San Diego Convention Center.

While walking to go get my actual pass I saw this remote-control replica of R2D2 so I figured I was going in the right direction.

Some flyers for Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones that they had hanging in the badge pick up area.

Once I got into the exhibition hall the first thing that caught my eye were these models of Raiden looking the way he did in Metal Gear Solid 4/Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance.

Here is the lego sculpture of the cast of Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc. in front of the Mystery Machine. In the days leading up to Comic Con I found the time-lapse video of this getting put together which took like 540something hours

Saw the costumes for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman for the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This is what the Walking Dead booth looked like. I think it was good timing I walked passed it while a guy dressed up as Rick was going through it.


Anybody want to buy a Star Wars or Star Trek costume? I overheard the guy running the booth talking pricing, the rebel flight suit starts at like 1400 bucks.

Some really cool motorcycle suits done up to look like Batman suits. They looked really convincing. If it wasn’t for the fact that up close you could see that they don’t have any hard armor plates  you would think these were movie costumes.

Some figurines from Ashley Wood’s String Divers

Some more Ashley Wood figurines from what I think are from World War Robot, with the one on the far left from what I think is Popbot.

These guys also had some Marvel figurines.

And a Stormtrooper and some rule 63-themed Star Wars stuff.

Saw some Power Rangers. I think these guys are from the newest series? I don’t know. I haven’t watched Power Rangers in years. Note: those aren’t me or people I know they’re just some people who got the Power Rangers to stand still and pose to take a picture so I used that as my opportunity to snap a shot.

I saw some Iron Man figurines.

Along with some Mega Man and Gundam stuff.

Some Attack on Titan cosplayers.

A lifesize Mega Man statue.

Some more cosplayers. I think the woman is Wonder Woman. Not sure who bunny head is supposed to be though.

Here we have a couple who decided to do a adventurer theme to their cosplay. We have Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Nathan Drake from Uncharted.

A Captain America and Winter Soldier.

Lego Hulk vs. Lego Iron Man in Lego Hulkbuster armor.

We have a dude who dressed up as Silent Bob. True to Silent Bob he did not speak, only nodded when I asked him if I could take his picture. Also the guy did not move. All throughout the day we walked around and every time we walked passed his spot he was still there. That is dedication and I didn’t think of this till now but I really hope the guy didn’t have a pee bottle hidden in his coat somewhere.

Some more Ashley Wood designed figurines. These ones are from Acid Rain.

Apparently old-school Power Rangers are still relevant. I remember I had some of these when I was a kid.

Look! It’s Russell, the kid from Up and the house from Up.

Some really expensive Final Fantasy plush dolls from Play Arts

Some Metal Gear Solid V: Phatom Pain statues also from Play Arts.

Play Arts also had some Kingdom Hearts stuff. I don’t know if you can make out the price tags but those keychains are like 20 bucks a pop.

Some Final Fantasy Play Arts statues.

A close up on Barrett Wallace cause I thought he looked the coolest.

Play Arts also had some alternate universe Batmans. You have Samurai and some other armored Batman.

Crazy-looking demon from hell Batman…? I dunno. That’s what he looks like.

And cowboy Batman, with Spartan Batman on the left.

Somebody in a N7 costume decided to pose in the My Little Pony booth.

The giant-ass Devastator.  I remember seeing this thing on a blog in the days leading up to Comic Con and I just thought, “Holy shit I have to have it. It looks so freakin’ badass.” Luckily for me they still had some in stock so I got one. Probably wasn’t the smartest way to spend 200 bucks but I think it was worth it.

A diorama with Devastator versus a bunch of Autobots.


Some of the Batman gadgets which I think are going to be used in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I think this is supposed to be the grapple gun. I think it looks like a gun from some steampunk-universe.

I’m like 99% sure this is a real Fabrique Nationale EGLM 40mm grenade launcher.

They also had a cowl on display.

Here’s the Arrow costume from Arrow.

I’m not sure what netmarble is I just know that people wanted to take pictures with this thing.

It’s the cast of Zoolander. It took me a double take to realize the kid dressed as Derek Zoolander is doing Magnum… or Blue Steel…? Or Le Tigre…? Or Ferrari…?

Back wall of the DC booth. If you look towards the right you can see a guy dressed up as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. I shit you not this dude stopped and stood in front of the wall right in front of Deathstroke for a few minutes before walking off. I think the guy just desperately wants people to take his picture.

The other back wall of the DC booth.

The Dark Horse booth was hyping Fight Club 2.


A really good Captain America cosplayer. The dude freakin’ looks like Chris Evans.

Surprisingly this was the only dude who decided to cosplay as a scantily-clad female. For people who don’t recognize the outfit, he’s Milla Jovovich’s character, Leeloo, from The Fifth Element.

While waiting in at a Subway for lunch I saw the Black Widow and John Snow.

Old-school Scarlet Witch with a redneck/civilian clothes Wolverine.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver from Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’m pretty sure Scarlet Witch is annoyed she doesn’t have a cool pose like Quicksilver does.

I’m guessing we have rule 63 Robin, Owl Man, hipster Joker, Black Mask, and Red Hood…? I’m not sure on the last 2.

I think this guy is supposed to be the guy on the movie poster to the movie You’re Next.

Apparently future Static from that one episode of Static Shock/Justice League Unlimited is still relevant.

Even with all that was going on I did manage sit in on the Seth Macfarlane panel which was really fun.

Seth brought out his Family Guy costars Miss Swan herself, Alex Borstein and Seth Green, along with the guy who played Cleveland and Herbert, the creepy old pedophile.

He also brought out the cast of American Dad minus the guy who voices Klaus, the fish and his sister Rachel Macfarlane who apparently just had a baby.

After the Seth Macfarlane panel was over I walked around the exhibition hall some more.

That’s when I saw this chick dressed up as a Togruta Jedi.

I also saw a really good Captain Jack Sparrow.

Walking around artist alley I saw one of my favorite comic book artists, David Mack.

After walking around for a good 7 hours without spending money I finally caved and went over to the Kid Robot booth.

I really regret not buying this one but it was like 110 bucks, and instead I bought 2 8″ figurines which cost as much as just 1 of these things.

While I was waiting for my coworker who came to Comic Con with me I saw this baseball-themed Batgirl.

This time I went through the Walking Dead booth to get the full zombie experience. After recreating the revolving door scene that killed Noah, the crippled kid and seeing the melted zombie corpses they had you exit through the Wolves trailer of zombies.

At this point I was exploring more booths where I saw this chick. I swear I’ve seen her on like theChive and all these other convention-themed blog posts where she’s always dressed the same.

I saw a life-sized Furbacca. I also really wish I was smart enough to take a step back to get the Furbacca sign in frame.

While wandering around I saw this Spartan-themed couple.

Then while waiting at the Top Cow booth to get a picture of Marc Silvestri I saw Tank Girl posing with some kid with an afro, Gandalf and I don’t know who’s on the far left.

I also saw the Spawn guy, Todd Macfarlane. At the time he was busy autographing action figures so I snapped a ninja picture of him. I did however eventually get to meet him and take a picture with him. He’s a really cool dude.

These Ninja Turtle statues looked pretty badass.

I saw this really good Mai Shiranui cosplayer. I really wish she wasn’t holding the fan that way cause she had really huge boobs which made her Mai Shiranui costume even more accurate.

I saw some Ice Climbers. When I asked for a picture the guy asked me if I knew who they were first. I wonder if I was the only one who knew.

Marc Silvestri was too busy doing a sketch for a fan so I ended up settling for taking a ninja picture of him.

After leaving the hall we saw some Walking Dead dudes posing for pictures outside.

These dudes who were playing the Thundercats were really annoying cause they caused a huge traffic jam of people right outside.

On my way back to the car we saw the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombie Escape Room challenge. I really wish I remembered they had this cause I would have really wanted to to go through it.

Anyway that was my first year at Comic Con. Even though I won my tickets off the radio I was told I can now preregister for next year so you can bet your ass that I’ll be there  and I’ll have more stuff when next year’s Comic Con rolls around.


I remember I had the opportunity to go to San Diego Comic Con in 2007 with a friend. Unfortunately that was the year I was taking Summer School because I was really behind in college so I didn’t go with her. This was a decision I would eventually come to  regret because this was the last year where you could buy tickets at the door.

For awhile Comic Con was off my radar till around 2011/2012 when Marvel made a big push into the movie industry with films such as Avengers, Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor. After having a talk with a cousin of mine who is also into comic books we realize that we both need to go. Unfortunately for us, tickets for Comic Con were selling out faster than tickets for Coachella. However, lucky for me the Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ gave out tickets every year with various games and trivia contests.

In 2012 and ’13 I tried and failed miserably due to my inability to get up early enough and call in. (Kevin and Bean were on from 6AM-10AM). In 2014 I got closer. They announced on Facebook that they would be doing a trivia contest at 6AM. I woke up early and got through to the phonescreener, but unfortunately I decided to scratch my cheek and accidentally hit the disconnect button on my phone. I was so close yet so far away. It was ahorrible feeling especially since nobody knew the correct answers to the trivia questions and nobody won tickets that day. I knew the answers though and knew that if I stayed on the line I would have won. For the rest of the week I woke up early and sat by the radio listening for the signal to call in. Unfortunately I couldn’t get through until Friday of that week, the last day they were giving away tickets. I remember that day the theme of trivia contest was arch villains. I was pretty far down the line and when they got to me they asked me the question who is Blackhand the archvillain of. Blackhand, I didn’t know who he was .Thinking he was related to the Hand from Marvel I guessed Daredevil. A foolish choice since somebody already had a question Daredevil was the answer. It turns out Blackhand was considered an archvillain of Green Lantern. I call BS on that question, even though I consider myself more of a Marvel Comics expert than I am a DC expert I know that a better archvillain for Green Lantern is Sinestro.

Anyway fast forward to 2015, San Diego Comic Con rolls around the corner. I know Kevin and Bean will be giving out tickets again this year so I make my plans and wake up early every day to listen to for the call. On the first day of Comic Con week I get through and put on hold. I tell myself to calm down so I can get my answer right unfortunately for me I never get through to the air and the game ends. Not knowing what to do I hang up and try again later. The next day I misdial and miss my opportunity to get through. On the third day I wait patiently for them to say they’re playing a game for Comic Con tickets. They give the signal and I call and instead of hearing a busy signal I hear it ringing. Unfortunately I leave the radio on and hear them say because they were having too many guys playing they’re only doing women that day. My heart sinks and I am pissed. I remember it was an idea they threw around the previous day but I prayed they wouldn’t do it. The day after this I realize it’s crunch time, that day was also the first day of Comic Con. I space out while laying in bed trying to wake up that I miss the announcement for the game.  At this point I take a look at myself and realize that winning Comic Con tickets is no longer fun for me. It’s has become an obsession. I had become Captain Ahab and the tickets had become my white whale. The next day I wake up early and I tell myself “Calm down. Even though you really want to go, if you don’t win just wait till next year.” I try to accept my words but deep down I really want to go more than anything. I sit around the radio but nothing. Thinking I missed my opportunity I reluctantly get ready for work. Once I get on the freeway I hear it: They’re playing a game for Comic Con tickets. Thinking what the hell I call again, and get through to the phone operator who puts me on hold.. The theme of this game is comic book game creators. I start praying that they get to me. First caller, second  caller, third none of them are me. Eventually I hear them, the dredded words: “we have time for one more.” Luckily that last person is me. I can’t remember the question they ask me but I do know that the answer is Green Arrow which I get right. At this point they do a drawing for tickets. That day they had 3 pairs to give away due to the fact that they only gave away 1 pair the day before. In my mind I’m thinking the odds are good Only 5 people won and they had 3 pairs to give away so I liked my odds. They call the first name, it’s not me. They call the second name and it’s me. I’m like “holy shit, I won!”

I am ecstatic at that point. I’m put back on hold as I wait for their instructions. My heart is pounding as I drive through an area that causes my reception to shrink.  Finally the phone operator gets back to me, she congratulates me and tells me all the legal mumbo jumbo as well as a number for the KROQ’s promotions department. I almost crash my car while writing the number down on my arm. She tells me to call at 10 when they open. Like I said at this point I am ecstatic. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. I spend the next hour staring at the clock waiting for it to hit 10. Finally it does and I call KROQ’s promotions department. I tell them my story but then they me that they were going to call me. I feel sad but then I remember that I still won. I sit by my phone patiently watching it. They call me, they ask me a few questions to verify who I am based on what I told the phone operator earlier. Then the guy tells me, “You need to come to KROQ’s station in LA to pick up the tickets.” I don’t care I won, even if I had to drive to San Francisco to get my tickets I would have done it.

I beg my supervisor for time off so I can go. He gives me a dirty look about winning but he knows saying no would be a huge dick move. He tells me he needs me in the office ASAP, so I make a compromise: I’ll get my tickets and work the rest of the day at our other office.

Anyway to finish up my story I go to KROQ and get my tickets. It was a crazy experience but it was all worth it. It was even more worth it to know that even though I had won passes this year I would be eligible to preregister a for next year which I plan on doing. Anyway I plan to post my pics from Comic Con soon so check back later for them.

So this year a wonderful thing happened to me: I won tickets to San Diego Comic Con. I’ll get into more detail later with my full post but right now I’m going to leave you with something awesome that happened at Comic Con and that was Bryan Cranston delivering an epic burn to a fan during a panel delivering a mic drop. The fan was basically asking Bryan if how he liked Albuquerque while filming Breaking Bad because he was from Albuquerque and Cranston responded with “I’d go and visit your mother once in a while.” Unfortunately I was not able to attend this panel because it happened the day before I went to Comic Con however a friend of mine from high school was there and he said one of his friends who he was with said “drop the mic” and Bryan Cranston dropped it.

Anyway check out he video and check out my Comic Con coverage later.

Youtuber, Mylo the Cat aka Adam Schleichkorn a gentlemen who has made a name for himself on the internet by doing some old school hip hop mash up videos with various pop culture icons like the Muppets, Blossom and various icons from the ABC programming block, TGIF is back. This time it is a video of Dr. Teeth of the Muppets band, Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem singing Shimmy Shimmy Ya by the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard of Wu Tang Clan fame.

It’s a pretty well done video. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself.

And while you’re at it check out his Muppet version of Hip Hop Hurray by Naughty by Nature starring Kermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear.

Today, while I was surfing Facebook I saw something promoting a post on Kotaku titled “Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, in Gifs.” Being a fan of Capcom games I immediately clicked on it Below are two great examples that Kotaku felt needed to be highlighted.

The Street Fighter II: Animated Movie is actually 1 of the few animes I haven’t seen. Somebody did upload it to Youtube in its entirety so it’s on my list of things to binge watch. I did however remember watching the Street Fighter cartoon that was on the USA Network in the ’90s that was supposed to be a continuation of the Street Fighter movie with Raul Julia and JCVD so that has to count for something can’t it?

Anyway since I never did see the Street Fighter II: Animated Movie I decided to Wikipedia it to get a quick summary. I was quite surprised when I scrolled a little further passed the summary and saw the English voice actor list and saw that Breaking Bad’s very own Walter White, Bryan Cranston is the voice of action movie star, Fei Long. I knew Bryan Cranston got his start as a voice actor. I mean the guy played like 4 or 5 Power Ranger monsters, but I never knew he did anime voice over let alone doing the voice of the guy from Street Fighter who is supposed to be either a parody or tribute to Bruce Lee.

Need proof that Bryan Cranston is Fei Long? Then check out the clip below and after watching it tell me that that is the guy who played a dentist on Seinfeld, Walter White in Breaking Bad, and the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle.

via Kotaku

Sesame Street has a new parody video up and like the others this one is awesome. This 1 is a spoof of the Avengers titled: “Aveggies – Age of Bon Bon.” In this one they have Cookie Monster play a parody of Bruce Banner/the Incredible Hulk named Dr. Brownie while the rest of the Avengers are played by a bunch of original puppets.

The story of this 1 is essentially a quick parody of the first half of the epic New York battle in the first Avengers movie. A giant cookie is flying around and turning all the vegetables in the world into junkfood and the Aveggies have to take care of it. The Iron Man parody, Onion Man is attempting to lure the flying cookie into Dr. Brownie’s path so he can Hulk out and eat it but unfortunately Dr. Brownie is easily distracted and he keeps missing his chance to eat the flying cookie. The first time he’s distracted by the Captain America parody, Captain Americauliflower’s shield which he ends up eating and the second time he’s distracted by the Thor parody, Mighty Corn’s hammer which he also eats. Eventually thanks to some help from the Black Bean Widow and Zuchin-Eye Dr. Brownie is finally able to focus long enough to eat the flying cookie.

The theme of this parody is quite interesting. I never knew that trouble focusing was a problem for kids. It must be for kids who have ADD or are dyslexic or something. The parody did have a cool throwback to the Avengers movie when it needed with Dr. Brownie asking if anybody wanted to get Veggie Shawarma. The only thing I didn’t like is that they’re making Cookie Monster all health food conscious. I remember when I was a kid all he ate was junk food and random objects. Hell, I remember in Follow That Bird when he got hungry and ended up eating like half a Volkswagen Beetle.

Anyway, check out the video for the parody below.

avatar-the-last-airbender-legend-of-korraFrom March 7th-March 22nd, Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, California was the site of an art exhibition that paid tribute to the Nickelodeon animated series, Avatar: Last Airbender and its followup series Legend of Korra. Now if I was smart and went on March 21st I could have sat in on a moderated panel with the creators of Avatar and Legend of Korra. Unfortunately because I didn’t really have the time to go on that day I went on the 14th instead. And while I wasn’t able to attend any panels that day I did get plenty of pictures of some of the artwork that was on display.


Here’s a picture of 1 of the walls at Gallery Nucleus. I was kinda surprised at their setup. The front of the store is a book/art print store while the back area is the actual gallery.

Yes, There is Egg custard in These Tarts! by Sarah Arakaki

Yes, There is Egg custard in These Tarts! by Sarah Arakaki

Here’s Aang and Appa being best buddies.

Toph Nouveau by Scott Wade

Toph Nouveau by Scott Wade

Cool picture of an adult Toph as the metalbending Chief of Police.

Rookie by Pio Paula Santana

Rookie by Pio Paula Santana

Here’s Korra kicking ass as a Pro Bender.

Republic City Evening Post by Claire Hummel

Republic City Evening Post by Claire Hummel

I really liked this and kinda regret not buying this one.

Pro-Bending by Sarah Cave

Pro-Bending by Sarah Cave

It was nice to have a 8-bit style piece at the show.

Peace by Faye Skeen

Peace by Faye Skeen

A nice picture of the season 4 villain, Kuvira who was voiced by Robin Williams’s daughter, Zelda Williams. Fun fact about Zelda she is really named after Zelda from Legend of Zelda.

Bolin as Nuktuk, Hero of the South.

Momo and the Moon Peach by Felt Mistress

Momo and the Moon Peach by Felt Mistress

The exhibition wasn’t just limited to drawings and paintings. This felt Momo statue was also part of the exhibition as well as the Pai Sho in the background.

Taking Some R&R by Lisa Hymphreys

Taking Some R&R by Lisa Hymphreys

A nice picture of Appa under what I think is a cherry blossom tree.


Unfortunatley I couldn’t get the name of this piece or who did it. I especially like it because of its reference to how Legend of Korra ended with Korra and Asami.

(Top) Drink Cactus Juice! (Bottom) Dancing Katara. Both by Kenji Ono

(Top) Drink Cactus Juice!
(Bottom) Dancing Katara. Both by Kenji Ono

Some nice Katara/Sokka art.

Heroes of the Nations by Erik Ly

Heroes of the Nations by Erik Ly

A cool piece by Erik Ly.

Dancing Dragon by Charlene Kelley

Dancing Dragon by Charlene Kelley

Now is this the Dancing Dragon firebending form? Or is it the Fusion Dance from Dragonball Z?

(Clockwise starting top left) Opening: Korra, Opening: Aang, Opening: Kyoshi, Opening: Roku. All by Dan Matutina

(Clockwise starting top left) Opening: Korra, Opening: Aang, Opening: Kyoshi, Opening: Roku. All by Dan Matutina

A cool reimagining of the intros to both Legend of Korra and Last Airbender

Control by Fernando "Calakka" Regalado

Control by Fernando “Calakka” Regalado

I thought this was really cool

Avatar Korra by Alan Wan

Avatar Korra by Alan Wan

A nice simple pic of Korra.

Avatar Aang by Sara Kilpin

Avatar Aang by Sara Kilpin

A picture of Aang which I think is supposed to make him look older.

(Clockwise from top right) Avatar Eyes by L.H. MacMullan, Ty Lee's Amazing Performance by Sierra Holly, Aang and Zuko by Kenji Ono

(Clockwise from top right) Avatar Eyes by L.H. MacMullan, Ty Lee’s Amazing Performance by Sierra Holly, Aang and Zuko by Kenji Ono

A nice mix of pictures. I really like the “Ty Lee’s Amazing Performance” piece by Sierra Holly.

(Top) Peonies (Bottom) Water Lilies. Both by Angela Song Mueller.

(Top) Peonies (Bottom) Water Lilies. Both by Angela Song Mueller.

Some more Korra/Asami artwork.

Air by Breana Melvin

Air by Breana Melvin

A picture of an adult Aang. I kinda wish they did more on the story of adult Aang and the time between Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. Although I can see why they didn’t do it. I mean the focus is on Korra, not Aang.

Leprechaun Pot of Gold Collection Cover. Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

When I woke up on St. Patrick’s Day morning I turned on the television with the intention of setting the DVR to record the Leprechaun series that I was so sure the SyFy channel would be playing throughout the day like they’ve done in the past. Unfortunately for me instead of playing all 6 Leprechaun movies back to back like they should have they were playing Leprechaun’s Revenge a totally unrelated movie starring Billy Zane about 3 or 4 times in a row.

Anyway, since I felt robbed I decided I should share the magic that is the Leprechaun movies with my readers. The Leprechaun movies were a horror movie series that despite it’s cheesiness (or maybe because of) would go on to become a cult classic that spawned 5 sequels and a reboot from WWE Films and starring their own Leprechaun, Dylan Postl AKA Hornswoggle. The series is your typical ’90s B horror movie filled with the usual cliche of lame one liners and it starred Warwick Davis as the titular Leprechaun. For those who don’t know who he is, he is probably one of the most famous little people in show business after Peter Dinklage and Verne Troyer. I mean the dude played Wicket, the main Ewok in Return of the Jedi and the Endor spinoff movies and he also played Professor Flitwick and a goblin bank teller in the Harry Potter movies as well as  dwarf in the Narnia movies. But enough about Mr. Davis here is a breakdown of all 6 Leprechaun movies.

The movie that started it all and started it all and starred a pre-Friends (and pre-nose job) Jennifer Anniston. In this film a Mr. O’Grady returns home to his isolated farm and his wife after a trip to Ireland with the Leprechaun’s pot of gold. The Leprechaun not wanting to let this slide stows away in the dude’s luggage and murders the guy’s wife in his rampage to get his gold back. Luckily for Mr. O’Grady he manages to trap the Leprechaun in a crate with some help from a magic four-leaf clover. Unfortunately for Mr. O’Grady he has a stroke before he is able to burn the Leprechaun to death. Fast forward years later Jennifer Aniston and her Dad are making plans to move into Mr. O’Grady’s old farmhouse. Unfortunately due to one of the mentally handicapped painters they hired (who is played by that dude who played that creepy manchild/Pee-Wee Herman’s nemesis in Pee-wee’s Big Adventure). The Leprechaun continues his rampage for his gold only to be defeated when they manage to shoot a four-leaf clover down his throat with a slingshot and he falls down a well which they then blow up. Like I said this is the movie that started it all and it is filled with tons of one-liners as well as a interesting death scene that involves the Leprechaun pogosticking a guy to death. Anyway check out the trailer for this film below.

And while you’re at it check out the pogostick death scene here.

Leprechaun 2
In Leprechaun 2, the Leprechaun is on a quest to find a bride. He finds a chick but it’s complicated since the chick already has a boyfriend. Things are further complicated when the boyfriend steals one of the Leprechaun’s gold coins. If I remember right they defeat the Leprechaun by stabbing him with a piece of wrought iron which I guess is the Leprechaun’s main weakness? I dunno I mean this movie is filled with all the great lines you’d come to expect but it wasn’t really that great or memorable. Although you do get to see boobs in this one so there’s a plus.

Leprechaun 3
Leprechaun 3 starts out with the Leprechaun turned into a statue by a magic amulet. The guy who turned the Leprechaun into a statue wants nothing to do with him anymore so he sells him to a pawn shop in Las Vegas. Unfortunately for the pawn shop owner he removes the Leprechaun’s necklace which brings the Leprechaun back to life who then proceeds to kill the pawn shop owner for trying to steal his gold. Meanwhile on the other side of town, a dumbass kid pickups a wannabe magician and gives her a ride to work. However instead of doing the smart thing and continuing on his way when he’s done he decides to gamble away his college fund. Down on his luck the dumbass decides to pawn his watch at the same shop the Leprechaun is at. Dumbass ends up finding 1 of the Leprechaun’s gold coins which give magical luck which allow to win back his money and then some. At this point the Leprechaun finds out one of his coins is missing and goes on another murderous rampage killing people in interesting way such as hyperinflating this one chick’s tits and her ass and also by fooling a guy into electrocuting himself by boning a TV robot, oh and he also meets a Elvis impersonator. Things are further complicated in this movie because dumbass college kid ends up being slowly transformed into Leprechaun after he gets bitten by the Leprechaun and some of the Leprechaun’s blood gets mixed into the wound (yeah it doesn’t really make sense to me either). Anyway luckily for him they manage to defeat the Leprechaun by destroying his gold with a flame thrower and dumbass college kid ends up getting turned back to normal and hooking up with the chick from the beginning.

Leprechaun 4: In Space
Basically a mix of Alien and Leprechaun 2, Leprechaun 4: In Space sees the Leprechaun trying to hook up with a rich alien princess so he can get at her space-fortune. Unfortunately for the Leprechaun a team of space marines are trying to kill him. Anyway after most of the space marines are wiped out the Leprechaun is defeated by getting sucked out into space. Officially this movie is what made the series jump the shark. I mean it was cheesier than usual and it was loaded up with  crappy CGI and other lame special effects ’90s sci fi movies were known for. As a plus side it did have super MILF Debbe Dunning (the Tool Time Girl from Home Improvement) as one of the space marines.

Leprechaun in the Hood
Perhaps the only movie that doesn’t involve the Leprechaun going after people because of gold, Leprechaun in the Hood sees a trio of lame rappers trying to steal the Leprechaun’s magic flute because it has the power to hypnotize people and they want to use it to hypnotize people into thinking their actually good rappers. This movie costars Ice Cube as a rapper who is also after the Leprechaun’s flute because he plays a rap mogul who built his career on the magical flute, and features really cheesy scenes like the Leprechaun hypnotizing a bunch of strippers for his musical number.  Unfortunately I can’t find the trailer for this one on Youtube so as a consolation prize I’m giving you the clip of the Leprechaun’s musical number.

Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood
The finally installment in the Leprechaun series (before the reboot). This one sees a bunch of poor inner city kids finding the Leprechaun’s pot of gold and using it to buy whatever their heart’s desires only for the Leprechaun coming after them and killing everything in his way. This one does have some memorable scenes like the Leprechaun smoking a bong, it also has a great scene where the protagonist are trying to flee from the Leprechaun in a ’64 Impala only to find out the Leprechaun is stowing away underneath the car. Luckily for them the car is on hydraulics so they manage to shake him off by making the car bounce. In the end they end up burying the Leprechaun and his gold coins in a side walk by throwing him off a building into wet cement. All in all this is a poor note to end the series on and I only hope that Warwick Davis will dust off his green tights and Leprechaun makeup and crank out another Leprechaun film.

By now unless you either live under a rock, or don’t have internet access you’ve probably seen or at least heard of the super dark, super gritty, ultra violent and super crazy Power/Rangers fan film by Adi Shankar staring James Van Der Beek (the Dawson in Dawson’s Creek) and Katee Sackhoff (the blond chick from the Battlestar Galactica reboot who isn’t a robot). This fan film is a more realistic telling of Power Rangers and basically just shows what happens when they grow up and realize what they hell they were involved in. It was pulled down briefly and was under threat of legal action but it is back on the internet and so far Adi Shankar hasn’t been sued by Saban or whoever owns the rights to Power Rangers.

I must say it’s not a bad interpretation of Power Rangers. You have Bulk and Skull who instead of being bad bully archetypes from a John Hughes movie are meth-addicted wiggers, and you have the black ranger portrayed as a Billy Blank-esque late-night infomercial fitness guru/Steven Seagal in pretty much every movie Steven Seagal has ever made, while the film also pokes fun at the fact that Tommy the Green/White Ranger also had a habit of losing his Ranger powers only to regain them later on. Also this film makes references to what happened to some of the Power Rangers in real life.I mean you if you watch closely you see that the film hints that the Blue Ranger is gay which in real life the guy who played the Blue Ranger is gay. In fact supposedly the dude quit the show cause he had a nervous breakdown cause they kept teasing him for being gay. You also have a funeral scene for the Yellow Ranger which is supposed to take place way way before the film starts. This mirrors the fact that the actress who played the original Yellow Ranger died in like 2001.

Anyway if you haven’t seen the video already or just want to watch it again it’s right here for you.

Today is a sad day for Trekkies everywhere. Sci-Fi icon, Spock, Leonard Nimoy himself has died at the age of 83 in his Bel Air home from the result of what his wife is calling a “end-age chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.”

As such an integral part of the original Star Trek series, Nimoy’s death is especially touching to many Trekkies everywhere. I was never really into the original Star Trek series so I don’t know that much about Nimoy’s character iconic, Spock. I was more into Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. I did however see most of Star Trek 1-6 which starred the original cast. That has to count for something can’t it? Anyway, while I may not know much about Nimoy’s character Spock, I do know this: Spock was an integral character to Star Trek, Spock and his Vulcan logic were a clever foil to Shatner’s Kirk and his shirtless antics. Spock not only helped built the Star Trek franchise but it also helped establish Nimoy as a science fiction icon.

I once heard a Spock quote, “Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if the life was wasted.” This quote makes a good epitaph but also helps describe Nimoy’s life. He didn’t waste his life. Like I said Nimoy was an pop culture icon. If it wasn’t Spock we’ll remember him by it’s something else. It’ll be him as Galvatron in Transformers: The Movie or it’ll be from his appearances on Futurama and The Simpsons. Also while this quote makes a good epitaph Buzzfeed also shows that it makes a great motivational poster

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Anyway I close out this post with this: Spock’s Funeral scene from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan