Laser Dinosaur Death Machine Fights


Here is some box art for Dino-Riders, a toy line based on a cartoon of the same name from the ’80s about a group of people who travel back in time for some reason and while they’re in the past they come up with the smart idea to get a couple dinosaurs, dress them up in shiny pieces of metal, strap a bunch lasers on to them and ride around on them fighting each other.  I swear I am not screwing with you, that was the freakin’ premise.

Inspired by seeing a similar picture on Cracked with a caption I like, and because nobody either remembers or gives a shit about the ’80s, and because the premise of Dino-Riders might make people say “What the fuck?” outloud, I have decided that Dino-Riders will now be called Laser Dinosaur Death Match.

Click here for more pictures of old Laser Dinosaur Death Match toys.


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