Idiocracy on Late Night TV


Having insomnia isn’t so bad.  Since you’re not sleeping you have so much time to do other things.  If you don’t have anything to do there’s always late night TV.

During one of my sleepness nights I caught the 2006 Mike Judge Idiocracy on Comedy Central, the satirical yet prophetic comedy about the degeneration of  human civilization through commercialism, anti-intellectualism, hedonism, and a whole lot of other isms, staring Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, and Dax Shepard.

Despite Judge’s past successes with Beavis and Butthead and Office Space, Idiocracy was denied a major theatrical release, showing in only a few movies with zero promotion behind it from its distributors.  The reasons for this aren’t quite known however, speculations suggest that this was either because of past contractual obligation from 20th Century Fox, or because of the negative portrayal of several large, and very well-known corporation in the film.  However, despite these attempts to sabotage it, and because it is such a cool movie Idiocracy has gained quite a cult-following.

If you haven’t seen it yet (shame on you), check out the trailer for a taste of what the future holds for the human race.  Or better yet,  just go out and see the entire movie.


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