Voltron: the Videogame


Anybody remember Voltron?  The one with the 5 robot lions not the one with a bajillion vehicles.  Also I’m talking about the old-school anime series from the ’80s  Not that middle finger to the original  reboot that they’re showing on Nickelodeon or that weirdass CGI cartoon they showed around the late ’90s.

Did you ever wish there was a videogame where you could play as Voltron?  If you did, then your  wish is coming true thanks to Behaviour Interactive.  After 25+ years Voltron is coming to a videogame console near you.

Players will have the ability to play as both Voltron and as one of the lions which will each come with their own sets of strenghts, weaknesses, and element-based attacks.

Single player and two-player co-op modes will be available offline while up to five players can team up online for cooperative Voltron action. This should make things interesting since according to my sources each player will have to work together when Voltron is formed  (just like in the cartoon).  Unfortunately this will more likely be a pain in the ass for some players, especially if they’re playing with people unfamiliar with a little something called teamwork.

Clips from the original series Voltron’s more memorable moments giving those familiar with Voltron a sense of nostalgia while also giving those who don’t know what the hell Voltron

Voltron the videogame will be available on October 25th on PlayStation Network, and on Xbox Live Arcade the following day and will set gamers back $10.  Till then they’ll have make do with this trailer showing Voltron fighting Robeast with pointy spiked-boobs.

via IGN


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