First Person Sonic the Hedgehog


While stumbling around the internet I found this video on Machinima of the first stage of the first level of the first Sonic the Hedgehog redone in first person view.

It’s a bit of a mindfuck and it makes it harder to find all the rings just cause a bunch are hidden. Although whoever is playing this obviously doesn’t get the idea of Sonic the Hedgehog cause they don’t give an F about the rings and are just trying to beat the level with the quickest time (I was literally yelling at the video calling the player a retard for missing so many rings). But hey it looks a lot easier than the new Sonic games because now I don’t have to look like a dumbass trying to keep Sonic from running off a platform or struggle to get him to run in a straight line to get rings so if Sega ever decides to make this into an actual game i’ll have a chance to kick ass at it like I did on the old school Sega Genesis Sonic games.

Anyway the enjoy the video and start praying that the guys who made this will make a first person version of Sonic Spinball.

via Youtube.


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