Call of Duty: Ghost Multiplayer Trailer


The new Call of Duty: Ghost multiplayer trailer just dropped and with it is the new Eminem single, “Survival”.

The song is pretty badass, and the gamplay looks pretty awesome. Instead of looking like a clone of Modern Warfare 3 just with new different guns it a lot like they redid the entire game, starting from scratch and taking the best of the Modern Warfare series and combined it with the best from Black Ops. I mean you got quadcopters which are packing cannons and not shitty machineguns which also don’t look retardedly hard to fly,  and it looks like you can be a juggernaut while carrying a minigun (yep no more pussy ass handgun/shield combo or the somewhat mildly cooler M60 machinegun.
Anyway, enjoy the trailer!

Via YouTube


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