Breaking Bad Alternate Ending


On November 26, a DVD box set of the complete Breaking Bad series will be released, and with it is a special treat for fans, a very special alternate ending.

Borrowing heavily from the finale of Newhart, this alternate ending features Bryan Cranston waking up as his Malcolm in the Middle character Hal, and telling his on-screen wife, Jane Kaczmarek that he dreamed up all the events that happened in Breaking Bad.

For awhile there was a joke floating around the internet that Breaking Bad would end with Walter White being put into the witness protection program and would be dropped into the Malcolm in the Middle universe.  Not sure if this had something to do with the creation of this alternate ending but I’m pretty sure it was a pretty big influence.

This was a pretty good touch, giving the internet what they wanted plus referencing one of Cranston’s most famous past works. I highly doubt having Walter White play a Power Rangers villain would be a good idea nor do I think setting up the infamous Heisenberg as Jerry Seinfeld’s dentist would work either. Although both of those idea would be better than than doing a Breaking Bad/Whitney crossover (Both Jane Kaczmarek and Breaking Bad costar, Dean Norris were guest stars on the sitcom playing Whitney Cummings’ character’s parents).

The original source of the video was pulled by a copyright order from Sony. However a second upload by a third party is currently up.

If this one gets pulled don’t worry, he fine people at Buzzfeed have recorded the clip and have it available to watch on their site here.


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