Sudden Death AKA Die Hard on Ice


This post probably would have been relevant last month during the Olympics when we were so sure the US Women’s Olympic hockey team was going to take home the gold, but oh well better late than never.

Anyway while surfing I heard about this film gem from the ’90s starring  a still riding high on his Timecop fame, Jean Claude Van Damme, titled Sudden Death.  In this movie, Powers Boothe AKA Captain Andrews from Red Dawn (the ’80s 1 with Swayze and Charlie Sheen not the 1 with Thor and Drake but not Josh, that 1 was played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan) is this terrorist who during game 7 of the Stanley Cup takes the Vice President and several VIPs hostage while at the same time has the arena wired with explosives set to explode when the game ends. JCVD plays firefighter and protagonist with internal emotional conflicts, Darren McCord who finds out about Captain Andrews’s evil plot and must roundhouse kick the Vice President and his daughter to safety while at the same time send the game into overtime in order to keep the explosives from going off and buy himself more time to save his daughter.

Like I said it’s pretty much Die Hard on ice. It was made right after Timecop so if you liked that you might like this. I mean there is a part where JCVD dressed as a goalie kicks a dude in the throat while wearing a skate so that might be either really cool or really gruesome to watch.

If you need more reason to go out and watch it here’s the trailer for it.


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