I was born in 1986 and because of this I grew up on ’80s and ’90s television and movies. Those were weird times, and movies and television could be summarized by like 3 or 4 major themes: 1/2: martial arts and extreme sports were everywhere. Don’t believe me about this? Well then here are some movies to remind you of that: Ninja Turtles, 3 Ninjas, Surf Ninjas, Sidekicks, Rad, Airborne. 3:kids were in super dangerous, super irresponsible, and super unrealistic situations? Want an example? Well have you ever heard of Iron Eagle? Or how about Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead? Finally the last thing that summarized movies of the time were that there were a crapload of post apocalyptic movies. Examples? American Cyborg, Fortress.

Hell I don’t really know why I was listing examples. As long as you were born before like ’98/’99 you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Anyway, recently I saw this crazy trailer Facebook feed about a upcoming Sundance film fest movie called Turbo Kid. Turbo Kid looks like a giant throwback to the ’80s and ’90s. Judging from this 30 second trailer it looks like the Earth is a post-apocalyptic wasteland, humanity is forced to cruise around on BMX bikes and the protagonist looks like a 13 year old kid who has to fight against a bunch of guys cosplaying as Mad Max characters. Heck none of that is even the best part of the trailer. The best part of the trailer is when the narrator says “This is the future. This is the year 1997.”

Want to see how awesome this trailer is? Well check it out below:


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