Leonard Nimoy, Spock Dies at 83


Today is a sad day for Trekkies everywhere. Sci-Fi icon, Spock, Leonard Nimoy himself has died at the age of 83 in his Bel Air home from the result of what his wife is calling a “end-age chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.”

As such an integral part of the original Star Trek series, Nimoy’s death is especially touching to many Trekkies everywhere. I was never really into the original Star Trek series so I don’t know that much about Nimoy’s character iconic, Spock. I was more into Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise. I did however see most of Star Trek 1-6 which starred the original cast. That has to count for something can’t it? Anyway, while I may not know much about Nimoy’s character Spock, I do know this: Spock was an integral character to Star Trek, Spock and his Vulcan logic were a clever foil to Shatner’s Kirk and his shirtless antics. Spock not only helped built the Star Trek franchise but it also helped establish Nimoy as a science fiction icon.

I once heard a Spock quote, “Loss of life is to be mourned, but only if the life was wasted.” This quote makes a good epitaph but also helps describe Nimoy’s life. He didn’t waste his life. Like I said Nimoy was an pop culture icon. If it wasn’t Spock we’ll remember him by it’s something else. It’ll be him as Galvatron in Transformers: The Movie or it’ll be from his appearances on Futurama and The Simpsons. Also while this quote makes a good epitaph Buzzfeed also shows that it makes a great motivational poster

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Photo credit: Buzzfeed

Anyway I close out this post with this: Spock’s Funeral scene from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan


One Response to “Leonard Nimoy, Spock Dies at 83”

  1. That is a great quote from Spock. I posted the link to Spock’s funeral on my Facebook page.

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