Joseph Khan’s Power Rangers Fan Film


By now unless you either live under a rock, or don’t have internet access you’ve probably seen or at least heard of the super dark, super gritty, ultra violent and super crazy Power/Rangers fan film by Adi Shankar staring James Van Der Beek (the Dawson in Dawson’s Creek) and Katee Sackhoff (the blond chick from the Battlestar Galactica reboot who isn’t a robot). This fan film is a more realistic telling of Power Rangers and basically just shows what happens when they grow up and realize what they hell they were involved in. It was pulled down briefly and was under threat of legal action but it is back on the internet and so far Adi Shankar hasn’t been sued by Saban or whoever owns the rights to Power Rangers.

I must say it’s not a bad interpretation of Power Rangers. You have Bulk and Skull who instead of being bad bully archetypes from a John Hughes movie are meth-addicted wiggers, and you have the black ranger portrayed as a Billy Blank-esque late-night infomercial fitness guru/Steven Seagal in pretty much every movie Steven Seagal has ever made, while the film also pokes fun at the fact that Tommy the Green/White Ranger also had a habit of losing his Ranger powers only to regain them later on. Also this film makes references to what happened to some of the Power Rangers in real life.I mean you if you watch closely you see that the film hints that the Blue Ranger is gay which in real life the guy who played the Blue Ranger is gay. In fact supposedly the dude quit the show cause he had a nervous breakdown cause they kept teasing him for being gay. You also have a funeral scene for the Yellow Ranger which is supposed to take place way way before the film starts. This mirrors the fact that the actress who played the original Yellow Ranger died in like 2001.

Anyway if you haven’t seen the video already or just want to watch it again it’s right here for you.


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