Sesame Street: Aveggies – Age of Bon Bon


Sesame Street has a new parody video up and like the others this one is awesome. This 1 is a spoof of the Avengers titled: “Aveggies – Age of Bon Bon.” In this one they have Cookie Monster play a parody of Bruce Banner/the Incredible Hulk named Dr. Brownie while the rest of the Avengers are played by a bunch of original puppets.

The story of this 1 is essentially a quick parody of the first half of the epic New York battle in the first Avengers movie. A giant cookie is flying around and turning all the vegetables in the world into junkfood and the Aveggies have to take care of it. The Iron Man parody, Onion Man is attempting to lure the flying cookie into Dr. Brownie’s path so he can Hulk out and eat it but unfortunately Dr. Brownie is easily distracted and he keeps missing his chance to eat the flying cookie. The first time he’s distracted by the Captain America parody, Captain Americauliflower’s shield which he ends up eating and the second time he’s distracted by the Thor parody, Mighty Corn’s hammer which he also eats. Eventually thanks to some help from the Black Bean Widow and Zuchin-Eye Dr. Brownie is finally able to focus long enough to eat the flying cookie.

The theme of this parody is quite interesting. I never knew that trouble focusing was a problem for kids. It must be for kids who have ADD or are dyslexic or something. The parody did have a cool throwback to the Avengers movie when it needed with Dr. Brownie asking if anybody wanted to get Veggie Shawarma. The only thing I didn’t like is that they’re making Cookie Monster all health food conscious. I remember when I was a kid all he ate was junk food and random objects. Hell, I remember in Follow That Bird when he got hungry and ended up eating like half a Volkswagen Beetle.

Anyway, check out the video for the parody below.


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