Samurai Josh Wins Comic Con Tickets


I remember I had the opportunity to go to San Diego Comic Con in 2007 with a friend. Unfortunately that was the year I was taking Summer School because I was really behind in college so I didn’t go with her. This was a decision I would eventually come to  regret because this was the last year where you could buy tickets at the door.

For awhile Comic Con was off my radar till around 2011/2012 when Marvel made a big push into the movie industry with films such as Avengers, Iron Man 2, Captain America, and Thor. After having a talk with a cousin of mine who is also into comic books we realize that we both need to go. Unfortunately for us, tickets for Comic Con were selling out faster than tickets for Coachella. However, lucky for me the Kevin and Bean Show on KROQ gave out tickets every year with various games and trivia contests.

In 2012 and ’13 I tried and failed miserably due to my inability to get up early enough and call in. (Kevin and Bean were on from 6AM-10AM). In 2014 I got closer. They announced on Facebook that they would be doing a trivia contest at 6AM. I woke up early and got through to the phonescreener, but unfortunately I decided to scratch my cheek and accidentally hit the disconnect button on my phone. I was so close yet so far away. It was ahorrible feeling especially since nobody knew the correct answers to the trivia questions and nobody won tickets that day. I knew the answers though and knew that if I stayed on the line I would have won. For the rest of the week I woke up early and sat by the radio listening for the signal to call in. Unfortunately I couldn’t get through until Friday of that week, the last day they were giving away tickets. I remember that day the theme of trivia contest was arch villains. I was pretty far down the line and when they got to me they asked me the question who is Blackhand the archvillain of. Blackhand, I didn’t know who he was .Thinking he was related to the Hand from Marvel I guessed Daredevil. A foolish choice since somebody already had a question Daredevil was the answer. It turns out Blackhand was considered an archvillain of Green Lantern. I call BS on that question, even though I consider myself more of a Marvel Comics expert than I am a DC expert I know that a better archvillain for Green Lantern is Sinestro.

Anyway fast forward to 2015, San Diego Comic Con rolls around the corner. I know Kevin and Bean will be giving out tickets again this year so I make my plans and wake up early every day to listen to for the call. On the first day of Comic Con week I get through and put on hold. I tell myself to calm down so I can get my answer right unfortunately for me I never get through to the air and the game ends. Not knowing what to do I hang up and try again later. The next day I misdial and miss my opportunity to get through. On the third day I wait patiently for them to say they’re playing a game for Comic Con tickets. They give the signal and I call and instead of hearing a busy signal I hear it ringing. Unfortunately I leave the radio on and hear them say because they were having too many guys playing they’re only doing women that day. My heart sinks and I am pissed. I remember it was an idea they threw around the previous day but I prayed they wouldn’t do it. The day after this I realize it’s crunch time, that day was also the first day of Comic Con. I space out while laying in bed trying to wake up that I miss the announcement for the game.  At this point I take a look at myself and realize that winning Comic Con tickets is no longer fun for me. It’s has become an obsession. I had become Captain Ahab and the tickets had become my white whale. The next day I wake up early and I tell myself “Calm down. Even though you really want to go, if you don’t win just wait till next year.” I try to accept my words but deep down I really want to go more than anything. I sit around the radio but nothing. Thinking I missed my opportunity I reluctantly get ready for work. Once I get on the freeway I hear it: They’re playing a game for Comic Con tickets. Thinking what the hell I call again, and get through to the phone operator who puts me on hold.. The theme of this game is comic book game creators. I start praying that they get to me. First caller, second  caller, third none of them are me. Eventually I hear them, the dredded words: “we have time for one more.” Luckily that last person is me. I can’t remember the question they ask me but I do know that the answer is Green Arrow which I get right. At this point they do a drawing for tickets. That day they had 3 pairs to give away due to the fact that they only gave away 1 pair the day before. In my mind I’m thinking the odds are good Only 5 people won and they had 3 pairs to give away so I liked my odds. They call the first name, it’s not me. They call the second name and it’s me. I’m like “holy shit, I won!”

I am ecstatic at that point. I’m put back on hold as I wait for their instructions. My heart is pounding as I drive through an area that causes my reception to shrink.  Finally the phone operator gets back to me, she congratulates me and tells me all the legal mumbo jumbo as well as a number for the KROQ’s promotions department. I almost crash my car while writing the number down on my arm. She tells me to call at 10 when they open. Like I said at this point I am ecstatic. I’m so excited I can hardly contain myself. I spend the next hour staring at the clock waiting for it to hit 10. Finally it does and I call KROQ’s promotions department. I tell them my story but then they me that they were going to call me. I feel sad but then I remember that I still won. I sit by my phone patiently watching it. They call me, they ask me a few questions to verify who I am based on what I told the phone operator earlier. Then the guy tells me, “You need to come to KROQ’s station in LA to pick up the tickets.” I don’t care I won, even if I had to drive to San Francisco to get my tickets I would have done it.

I beg my supervisor for time off so I can go. He gives me a dirty look about winning but he knows saying no would be a huge dick move. He tells me he needs me in the office ASAP, so I make a compromise: I’ll get my tickets and work the rest of the day at our other office.

Anyway to finish up my story I go to KROQ and get my tickets. It was a crazy experience but it was all worth it. It was even more worth it to know that even though I had won passes this year I would be eligible to preregister a for next year which I plan on doing. Anyway I plan to post my pics from Comic Con soon so check back later for them.


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