Samurai Josh at San Diego Comic Con


Like I said in my last blog, I somehow managed to win tickets to San Diego Comic Con. It was my first time going and even though I only had 1 day passes it was still a pretty freakin’ cool experience. I gave my spare ticket to one of my coworkers cause I kinda pissed her off. Anyway we had saw a lot of cool stuff and a lot of cool people and had a lot of fun. Also since it was my first time at Comic Con I made sure to bring a camera and take a crapton of pictures.

Check em’ out.


Here is some of the signage I saw outside the San Diego Convention Center.

While walking to go get my actual pass I saw this remote-control replica of R2D2 so I figured I was going in the right direction.

Some flyers for Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones that they had hanging in the badge pick up area.

Once I got into the exhibition hall the first thing that caught my eye were these models of Raiden looking the way he did in Metal Gear Solid 4/Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance.

Here is the lego sculpture of the cast of Scooby Doo and Mystery Inc. in front of the Mystery Machine. In the days leading up to Comic Con I found the time-lapse video of this getting put together which took like 540something hours

Saw the costumes for Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman for the upcoming Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

This is what the Walking Dead booth looked like. I think it was good timing I walked passed it while a guy dressed up as Rick was going through it.


Anybody want to buy a Star Wars or Star Trek costume? I overheard the guy running the booth talking pricing, the rebel flight suit starts at like 1400 bucks.

Some really cool motorcycle suits done up to look like Batman suits. They looked really convincing. If it wasn’t for the fact that up close you could see that they don’t have any hard armor plates  you would think these were movie costumes.

Some figurines from Ashley Wood’s String Divers

Some more Ashley Wood figurines from what I think are from World War Robot, with the one on the far left from what I think is Popbot.

These guys also had some Marvel figurines.

And a Stormtrooper and some rule 63-themed Star Wars stuff.

Saw some Power Rangers. I think these guys are from the newest series? I don’t know. I haven’t watched Power Rangers in years. Note: those aren’t me or people I know they’re just some people who got the Power Rangers to stand still and pose to take a picture so I used that as my opportunity to snap a shot.

I saw some Iron Man figurines.

Along with some Mega Man and Gundam stuff.

Some Attack on Titan cosplayers.

A lifesize Mega Man statue.

Some more cosplayers. I think the woman is Wonder Woman. Not sure who bunny head is supposed to be though.

Here we have a couple who decided to do a adventurer theme to their cosplay. We have Lara Croft from Tomb Raider and Nathan Drake from Uncharted.

A Captain America and Winter Soldier.

Lego Hulk vs. Lego Iron Man in Lego Hulkbuster armor.

We have a dude who dressed up as Silent Bob. True to Silent Bob he did not speak, only nodded when I asked him if I could take his picture. Also the guy did not move. All throughout the day we walked around and every time we walked passed his spot he was still there. That is dedication and I didn’t think of this till now but I really hope the guy didn’t have a pee bottle hidden in his coat somewhere.

Some more Ashley Wood designed figurines. These ones are from Acid Rain.

Apparently old-school Power Rangers are still relevant. I remember I had some of these when I was a kid.

Look! It’s Russell, the kid from Up and the house from Up.

Some really expensive Final Fantasy plush dolls from Play Arts

Some Metal Gear Solid V: Phatom Pain statues also from Play Arts.

Play Arts also had some Kingdom Hearts stuff. I don’t know if you can make out the price tags but those keychains are like 20 bucks a pop.

Some Final Fantasy Play Arts statues.

A close up on Barrett Wallace cause I thought he looked the coolest.

Play Arts also had some alternate universe Batmans. You have Samurai and some other armored Batman.

Crazy-looking demon from hell Batman…? I dunno. That’s what he looks like.

And cowboy Batman, with Spartan Batman on the left.

Somebody in a N7 costume decided to pose in the My Little Pony booth.

The giant-ass Devastator.  I remember seeing this thing on a blog in the days leading up to Comic Con and I just thought, “Holy shit I have to have it. It looks so freakin’ badass.” Luckily for me they still had some in stock so I got one. Probably wasn’t the smartest way to spend 200 bucks but I think it was worth it.

A diorama with Devastator versus a bunch of Autobots.


Some of the Batman gadgets which I think are going to be used in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I think this is supposed to be the grapple gun. I think it looks like a gun from some steampunk-universe.

I’m like 99% sure this is a real Fabrique Nationale EGLM 40mm grenade launcher.

They also had a cowl on display.

Here’s the Arrow costume from Arrow.

I’m not sure what netmarble is I just know that people wanted to take pictures with this thing.

It’s the cast of Zoolander. It took me a double take to realize the kid dressed as Derek Zoolander is doing Magnum… or Blue Steel…? Or Le Tigre…? Or Ferrari…?

Back wall of the DC booth. If you look towards the right you can see a guy dressed up as Slade Wilson/Deathstroke. I shit you not this dude stopped and stood in front of the wall right in front of Deathstroke for a few minutes before walking off. I think the guy just desperately wants people to take his picture.

The other back wall of the DC booth.

The Dark Horse booth was hyping Fight Club 2.


A really good Captain America cosplayer. The dude freakin’ looks like Chris Evans.

Surprisingly this was the only dude who decided to cosplay as a scantily-clad female. For people who don’t recognize the outfit, he’s Milla Jovovich’s character, Leeloo, from The Fifth Element.

While waiting in at a Subway for lunch I saw the Black Widow and John Snow.

Old-school Scarlet Witch with a redneck/civilian clothes Wolverine.

Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver from Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’m pretty sure Scarlet Witch is annoyed she doesn’t have a cool pose like Quicksilver does.

I’m guessing we have rule 63 Robin, Owl Man, hipster Joker, Black Mask, and Red Hood…? I’m not sure on the last 2.

I think this guy is supposed to be the guy on the movie poster to the movie You’re Next.

Apparently future Static from that one episode of Static Shock/Justice League Unlimited is still relevant.

Even with all that was going on I did manage sit in on the Seth Macfarlane panel which was really fun.

Seth brought out his Family Guy costars Miss Swan herself, Alex Borstein and Seth Green, along with the guy who played Cleveland and Herbert, the creepy old pedophile.

He also brought out the cast of American Dad minus the guy who voices Klaus, the fish and his sister Rachel Macfarlane who apparently just had a baby.

After the Seth Macfarlane panel was over I walked around the exhibition hall some more.

That’s when I saw this chick dressed up as a Togruta Jedi.

I also saw a really good Captain Jack Sparrow.

Walking around artist alley I saw one of my favorite comic book artists, David Mack.

After walking around for a good 7 hours without spending money I finally caved and went over to the Kid Robot booth.

I really regret not buying this one but it was like 110 bucks, and instead I bought 2 8″ figurines which cost as much as just 1 of these things.

While I was waiting for my coworker who came to Comic Con with me I saw this baseball-themed Batgirl.

This time I went through the Walking Dead booth to get the full zombie experience. After recreating the revolving door scene that killed Noah, the crippled kid and seeing the melted zombie corpses they had you exit through the Wolves trailer of zombies.

At this point I was exploring more booths where I saw this chick. I swear I’ve seen her on like theChive and all these other convention-themed blog posts where she’s always dressed the same.

I saw a life-sized Furbacca. I also really wish I was smart enough to take a step back to get the Furbacca sign in frame.

While wandering around I saw this Spartan-themed couple.

Then while waiting at the Top Cow booth to get a picture of Marc Silvestri I saw Tank Girl posing with some kid with an afro, Gandalf and I don’t know who’s on the far left.

I also saw the Spawn guy, Todd Macfarlane. At the time he was busy autographing action figures so I snapped a ninja picture of him. I did however eventually get to meet him and take a picture with him. He’s a really cool dude.

These Ninja Turtle statues looked pretty badass.

I saw this really good Mai Shiranui cosplayer. I really wish she wasn’t holding the fan that way cause she had really huge boobs which made her Mai Shiranui costume even more accurate.

I saw some Ice Climbers. When I asked for a picture the guy asked me if I knew who they were first. I wonder if I was the only one who knew.

Marc Silvestri was too busy doing a sketch for a fan so I ended up settling for taking a ninja picture of him.

After leaving the hall we saw some Walking Dead dudes posing for pictures outside.

These dudes who were playing the Thundercats were really annoying cause they caused a huge traffic jam of people right outside.

On my way back to the car we saw the Call of Duty: Black Ops III Zombie Escape Room challenge. I really wish I remembered they had this cause I would have really wanted to to go through it.

Anyway that was my first year at Comic Con. Even though I won my tickets off the radio I was told I can now preregister for next year so you can bet your ass that I’ll be there  and I’ll have more stuff when next year’s Comic Con rolls around.


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