Bryan Cranston as Fei Long


Today, while I was surfing Facebook I saw something promoting a post on Kotaku titled “Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, in Gifs.” Being a fan of Capcom games I immediately clicked on it Below are two great examples that Kotaku felt needed to be highlighted.

The Street Fighter II: Animated Movie is actually 1 of the few animes I haven’t seen. Somebody did upload it to Youtube in its entirety so it’s on my list of things to binge watch. I did however remember watching the Street Fighter cartoon that was on the USA Network in the ’90s that was supposed to be a continuation of the Street Fighter movie with Raul Julia and JCVD so that has to count for something can’t it?

Anyway since I never did see the Street Fighter II: Animated Movie I decided to Wikipedia it to get a quick summary. I was quite surprised when I scrolled a little further passed the summary and saw the English voice actor list and saw that Breaking Bad’s very own Walter White, Bryan Cranston is the voice of action movie star, Fei Long. I knew Bryan Cranston got his start as a voice actor. I mean the guy played like 4 or 5 Power Ranger monsters, but I never knew he did anime voice over let alone doing the voice of the guy from Street Fighter who is supposed to be either a parody or tribute to Bruce Lee.

Need proof that Bryan Cranston is Fei Long? Then check out the clip below and after watching it tell me that that is the guy who played a dentist on Seinfeld, Walter White in Breaking Bad, and the Dad from Malcolm in the Middle.

via Kotaku


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